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Captivate - A Full Family of Rechargeable Hearing Instruments

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1.  SoundDNA from Sonic is a new:
  1. Hardware platform
  2. Software platform
  3. Technology platform
  4. Diving board platform
2.  SmartCompress advances DSP technology advances DSP technology beyond the limitation of a _______________?
  1. Static environmental classification system
  2. Real time assessment of the environment
  3. Speech Variable Processing (SVP) system
  4. Phoneme vs. Envelope Focus system
3.  Which of the following statements about SmartCompress is TRUE?
  1. It precisely measures sound changes in the environment
  2. It uses a short term and a long term SNR estimator
  3. It applies different amounts of gain and compression on speech vs. noise
  4. All of the above
4.  Which of the following is part of the SPiN Management system from Sonic?
  1. SPiN Directionality
  2. SPiN Noise Reduction
  3. SPiN Engage
  4. All of the Above
5.  What is Spectro-Temporal Modulation in AFC Pro?
  1. An added signal that attenuates the feedback path
  2. An added signal that is similar to a whistle
  3. An added signal to enhance the high frequencies
  4. All of the Above
6.  What is the purpose of SPiN Engage?
  1. To merge SPiN Directionality and SPiN Noise Reduction together
  2. To coordinate the onset of SPiN Directionality with SmartCompress in 16 frequency bands
  3. To coordinate the onset of SPiN Directionality and SPiN Noise Reduction as the SNR fluctuates in 16 frequency bands
  4. To balance listening in noise and decrease listening effort
7.  Which of the following are tinnitus relief sound options in Tinnitus SoundSupport from Sonic?
  1. Red Noise
  2. Ocean 3
  3. Shaped to Audiogram
  4. All of the above
8.  Which of the following are benefits of AFC Pro?
  1. Fewer distractions and interruptions from the annoyance of feedback in both stable and changing conditions
  2. Improved audibility of soft speech sounds, for a better target match
  3. More open fittings for a natural, own-voice sound
  4. All of the above
9.  Captivate is available in which of following hearing aid styles?
  1. Reciever in the Ear and BTE
  2. Full Shell ITE
  3. IIC
  4. All of the above
10.  The Extended Dynamic Range feature in Enchant expands the dynamic range of sound up to _____?
  1. 95 dB SPL
  2. 113 dB SPL
  3. 10 KHz
  4. 100 dB HL

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