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Exam Preview

CI2020 Online - Session 3

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1.  In the clinical trial presented by Dr. Kevin Brown, the subjects with unilateral hearing loss who had a cochlear implant experienced a significant improvement on:
  1. Speech recognition in the affected ear with CI alone
  2. Spatial hearing tasks with the cochlear implant plus the normal hearing ear
  3. Subjective report
  4. All of the above
2.  Which of the following is an important consideration for cochlear implant surgery?
  1. To identify the goal(s)
  2. To identify the risk/benefit ratio
  3. To try and determine if cochlear ossification may be present
  4. All of the above
3.  Dr. van de Heyning indicated that in terms of cognition in postlingual older adults with profound sensorineural hearing loss who use cochlear implants, which is true?
  1. Cochlear implants immediately improve cognitive function for all patients
  2. Cochlear implant recipients perform significantly better than normal hearing older adults
  3. There is evidence that a cochlear implant can improve cognitive function but it takes time before improvements are seen and more evidence is needed
  4. Cochlear implants worsen cognitive functioning so should only be used in children who need to develop speech and language
4.  Dr. Gifford states that which of the following is a sensitive and effective method to determine if a patient using bimodal amplification should get a 2nd cochlear implant?
  1. The audiogram
  2. Ask the patient
  3. IQ test
  4. Clinical speech recognition testing
5.  The AIM system from Advanced Bionics enables which of the following?
  1. Real time ECochG measurement
  2. Real time MRI
  3. Visualization of the electrode location during placement of the array in surgery
  4. Same day surgery and activation

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