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Exam Preview

Aurical HIT Applications: Part 2 – RECD and Additional Verification of Advanced Hearing Aid Features

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1.  An appropriate stimulus signal for hearing aid verification of digital hearing instruments is:
  1. Recorded speech
  2. ISTS
  3. ICRA
  4. All of the above
2.  What are the available fitting formulas for use with the Aurical HIT
  1. DSL v4
  2. NAL-NL2
  3. NAL-NL 1
  4. All of the above
3.  What is the appropriate venting option to be used for coupler based fittings:
  1. Open
  2. Occluded
  3. 1 mm
  4. Depends on Hearing Aid Style
4.  What populations are appropriate for use of coupler based fittings:
  1. Pediatrics
  2. Geriatrics
  3. Special-Needs
  4. All of the Above
5.  What is the purpose of hearing instrument transition:
  1. For Hearing Aid users that require same gain level as previous hearing aids
  2. For individuals in noisy environments
  3. For Hearing Aid users with high-frequency hearing loss
  4. All of the Above
6.  What stimuli can be used to verify “frequency lowering” or “frequency transposition.”
  1. frequency tones
  2. narrowband “s” or “sh”
  3. Ling Sounds
  4. All of the Above
7.  What hearing aid couplers are used for coupler response testing with Aurical HIT:
  1. HA-1 with insert tip
  2. HA-1 with earmold
  3. HA-2 with insert tip
  4. All of the Above
8.  What is the volume of the ear canal coupler with Aurical HIT:
  1. 1 cc
  2. 1.5 cc
  3. 2 cc
  4. 3 cc
9.  What hearing aid manufacturers allow for integrated verification with Aurical HIT:
  1. Phonak
  2. Oticon
  3. Resound
  4. Sivantos
10.  What module within OTOsuite is coupler based fitting performed in:
  1. Audiometry
  2. Immittance
  3. Probe Microphone Measures (PMM)
  4. Hearing Instrument Test (HIT)

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