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Exam Preview

Demonstrating Beltone's Direct Line Wireless Accessories

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1.  What type of accessory does Beltone NOT have?
  1. Remote Control
  2. TV Streamer (TV Link)
  3. Bluetooth Phone (Phone Link)
  4. Home Alert System
2.  Which of the following is NOT true about pairing our Beltone wireless accessories?
  1. Accessories must be paired in the fitting software
  2. The accessories must be placed into pairing mode
  3. The accessories must have a charge or be plugged into a power source
  4. Patients can have multiple accessories
3.  All of Beltone's wireless accessories run on
  1. WiFi
  2. MFi
  3. 2.4 GHz
  4. NFMI (near field magnetic induction)
4.  A myPAL will help a patient that is having issues
  1. Hearing in noise
  2. Hearing over a distance
  3. Hearing in an environment with reverberation
  4. All the above
5.  Which one is NOT true?
  1. Wireless accessories can improve listening in challenging environments
  2. Wireless accessories are very expensive
  3. Wireless accessories can increase patient loyalty
  4. Wireless accessories can improve a patient's overall satisfaction
6.  A demonstration can?
  1. Stimulate interest
  2. Convey ownership
  3. Provides proof
  4. All the above
7.  When can you add an accessory demonstration?
  1. At the evaluation appointment
  2. At the fitting appointment
  3. At a follow up appointment
  4. All the above
8.  When demonstrating an accessory you should
  1. Keep it short no more than 5 minutes
  2. Focus on everything the patient has told you about
  3. Base it off of an issue the patient is having
  4. Only A and C are correct
9.  What can you do ahead of time to demonstrate an accessory?
  1. Pair a set of hearing aids
  2. Make sure it has a change or enough power to operate
  3. Make sure you know how to use the accessory
  4. All the above
10.  Who can help with a wireless accessory demonstration?
  1. HCP (Hearing Care Practitioner)
  2. PCC (Patient Care Coordinator)
  3. The third party
  4. All the above

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