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Exam Preview

Introduction to Audera Pro, GSI’s Complete Clinical Evoked Potential System

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1.  How many patient cables are included with the GSI Audera EP module?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
2.  Using the GSI Audera Pro ASSR module, testing may be more efficient if you select:
  1. Testing a single frequency at a time.
  2. Testing up to 8 frequencies simultaneously.
  3. OAE instead of ASSR
  4. CE Chirp
3.  Using ___________________ increases confidence and reduces the chances for equipment failure on the OAEs in the Audera Pro.
  1. User-defined norms
  2. Pre-determined protocols
  3. Modified “corti” style cable
  4. Isolation transformer
4.  Which of the following analysis tools are available in the EP module of the Audera Pro:
  1. Culling and asymmetry ratio calculation
  2. Spectral graphs and Polar Plots
  3. Spectral graphs and Polar Plots
  4. Cross Correlation, Area Ratio, and -Digital Filterin
5.  Available Audera Pro test modalities are:
  2. EP, ASSR, Tympanometry
  3. EP, DPOAE, Audiometry
  4. APD, Multi Hz, EP

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