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Mi Casa, Tu Casa (En Casa!)

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1.  According to presented data, approximately how much of the U.S. population do Latinos make up?
  1. 8%
  2. 10%
  3. 18%
  4. 30%
2.  Studies have shown that if a language barrier exists between medical staff and patients, it could cause the following:
  1. Patients feeling less satisfied with health care
  2. Patients feeling less valued
  3. Patients being less likely to seek health care
  4. All of the above
3.  According to the 2015 Hispanic Community Health Study, approximately how many Latinos have a hearing loss in at least 1 ear?
  1. 1 in 7
  2. 1 in 17
  3. 1 in 50
  4. 1 in 100
4.  What is the name of MED-EL’s Bilingual Program?
  2. Mi Casa, Tu Casa
  3. Unidos Oímos
  4. Heer Peers Latino
5.  Which of the following are resources available from MED-EL designed for the bilingual population?
  1. YouTube Videos on MED-EL Technology in Spanish
  2. Spanish language materials
  3. Spanish language virtual events for families/candidates
  4. All of the above

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