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Design Considerations for Fitting OTC Hearing Aids, presented in partnership with the American Auditory Society

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1.  By law, the FDA is supposed to deliver it’s proposed OTC hearing aid regulation by
  1. August 2020
  2. January 2021
  3. May 2021
  4. August 2021
2.  OTC hearing aids are intended for:
  1. adults over the age of 18 to compensate for hearing impairment
  2. adults over the age of 18 to compensate for mild to moderate hearing impairment
  3. adults over the age of 18 to compensate for perceived mild to moderate hearing impairment
  4. anyone
3.  OTC hearing aids may not
  1. use wireless technology
  2. use bone conduction
  3. use a self-assessment hearing test
  4. be sold online
4.  In the best case, a device with a single preset can “fit” approximately what percent of individuals with hearing loss
  1. 0-20%
  2. 20-40%
  3. 40-60%
  4. 60-80%
5.  Bose was approved by the FDA to sell
  1. a self-fitting hearing aid
  2. an over-the-counter hearing aid
  3. a clinician-fit hearing aid
  4. nothing
6.  The NHANES Database does not contain
  1. Air Conduction Thresholds
  2. Age and Gender
  3. Self-reports of hearing loss
  4. Bone Conduction Thresholds
7.  In comparison to NAL NL2 users typically choose
  1. more gain
  2. less gain
  3. same gain
  4. no gain
8.  OTC and traditional hearing aids can be compared in terms of
  1. subjective preference in-situ
  2. speech intelligibility
  3. benefit/satisfaction questionnaires
  4. all of the above
9.  According to FDA rules Airpods Pro Headphones Accommodations Feature is
  1. a PSAP
  2. an OTC hearing aid
  3. An Air Conduction Hearing Aid
  4. A Bone Conduction Hearing Aid
10.  In comparison to people with mild or moderate hearing loss, people with normal audiograms are
  1. More likely to report hearing difficulty
  2. Equally likely to report hearing difficulty
  3. Less likely to report hearing difficulty
  4. Never report problems

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