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Exam Preview

Optimizing Outcomes with the Smart Hearing Alliance Bimodal Solution: Research and Case Studies

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1.  Which statement is TRUE regarding the 60/60 guideline for referring potential CI candidates for an evaluation?
  1. Potential candidates should be 60 years old.
  2. A word recognition score of 60% means that person should definitely get a cochlear implant.
  3. Early identification and referral is not recommended.
  4. This guideline was developed based on the results of an independent multicenter study.
2.  What is NOT a potential benefit of fitting a patient with bimodal technology?
  1. Better hearing in background noise
  2. Perfect hearing without ever asking for repetition
  3. Improved satisfaction with understanding on the telephone
  4. Music appreciation
3.  If there is a question about compatibility within the Smart Hearing Alliance devices, the best course of action is to:
  1. Check the website at
  2. Ask the patient
  3. Ask the patient’s family member
  4. Check with your audiology assistant
4.  Which sound processors are available from Cochlear for patients interested in a Smart Hearing Alliance bimodal solution?
  1. Both Nucleus 7 and Kanso 2 sound processors
  2. Only the Nucleus 7 sound processor
  3. Both the Nucleus 6 and Nucleus 7 sound processors
  4. Only the original Kanso processor
5.  Which statement is FALSE regarding ReSound hearing devices and the Smart Hearing Alliance bimodal solution?
  1. Patients can choose from multiple models when selecting a hearing device that is compatible with the Smart Hearing Alliance.
  2. Patients can choose rechargeable or disposable batteries and still get a full day of hearing.
  3. There is only one dedicated sound processor-hearing aid solution available to patients.
  4. There are both iPhone and Android models that are compatible with the Smart Hearing Alliance bimodal solution.

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