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Exam Preview

Methods for Office Integration with Audioscan Systems

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1.  To add a Verifit2 or Axiom to a network, you may use:
  1. An Ethernet connection or Bluetooth
  2. A USB cable
  3. An Ethernet connection or WiFi
  4. Bluetooth or WiFi
2.  Static and DHCP are the two main methods of what?
  1. Connecting an Ethernet cable
  2. Obtaining an IP address on a network
  3. Connecting to Noah
  4. Receiving public assessment data from Noah
3.  Audioscan Noah Module 2.20 and later adds what NEW feature?
  1. Ability to share public assessment data with other modules
  2. Ability to control the Verifit2 from the PC screen
  3. Print-to-file functionality
  4. Ability to reload Speechmap test data into the Verifit2 as comparison tests
4.  To view and operate a Verifit2 or Axiom from your laptop you need:
  1. the Audioscan NOAH module and a USB cable
  2. the laptop networked to the Audioscan and either the Audioscan Noah Module or Audioscan Remote Console application
  3. the laptop networked to the Audioscan and the Audioscan Remote Console application
  4. four USB-C cables and two screwdrivers
5.  Using the Store session to file function on Audioscan equipment:
  1. stores all current data in the Audioscan as an Excel .xlsx file
  2. stores the assessment data only, in Noah or a shared folder on the PC
  3. saves all current data in the Audioscan as an .xml file
  4. saves the current session data to the Audioscan internal memory for later use

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