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The Role of Product Innovation in Maximizing Patient Outcomes

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1.  Which feature is NOT TRUE about the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Sound Processors?
  1. Both the Nucleus 7 and Kanso 2 sound processors have dual microphone capability which allows SmartSound iQ to automatically optimize hearing as the environment changes.
  2. Over 80,000 patients use the Nucleus® Smart App on compatible Apple and Android devices to stream and to make volume or program changes.
  3. The Cochlear Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor does not require batteries.
  4. With a compatible smart phone, patients can work with their clinician using Remote Check to determine if an in person appointment is needed.
2.  When enabled by a clinician, patients have the option to adjust overall volume or make slight bass and treble adjustments through a feature in the Nucleus Smart App called
  1. mySmartSound
  2. Hear My Way
  3. ForwardFocus
  4. Find My MAP
3.  With the Cochlear Nucleus 7 and Kanso 2 sound processor, clinicians can monitor performance at home and decide whether an in-person clinic visit is required by using:
  1. My Cochlear Family
  2. mySmartSound
  3. Find My Processor
  4. Remote Check
4.  These tools are accessible to patients only if enabled by a clinician except for:
  1. ForwardFocus
  2. mySmartSound
  3. Nucleus Smart App
  4. Remote Check
5.  Which tool provided by Cochlear empowers patients to access self-managed care:
  1. Cochlear Celebration
  2. Nucleus Smart App
  3. Pro Care
  4. Cochlear Academy

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