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Exam Preview

GSI Product Updates for 2021

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1.  To save time during testing, the following new feature on the GSI Corti has been introduced:
  1. Simultaneous ear testing
  2. Auto Stop when pass criteria is met
  3. Frequency order High to low
  4. Addition of room noise monitor
2.  AMTAS v1.4 makes it possible to deselect test frequencies; however,
  1. All of the quality indicators may not be populated
  2. The thresholds will not be accurate
  3. You can’t use the room monitor if you deselect frequencies
  4. The report will not be displayed
3.  To add the VEMP analysis module, you must:
  1. Purchase a license directly from Karen – check may be made to Karen Morris for $15000
  2. Download a link from the extranet
  3. Install the software – the VEMP analysis module is included with the EP Module
  4. You cannot do VEMP with Audera Pro
4.  4.The GSI Corti minimum amplitude can be adjusted to:
  1. What is minimum amplitude?
  2. -10 dB to 5 dB in 1 dB steps
  3. On or Off
  4. DPOAE Only
5.  In addition to the Quality Indicators, AMTAS will now display _________ when using the room noise monitor:
  1. A video of the patient taking the test
  2. An audio recording of the background noise
  3. A microphone calibration certificate
  4. Distraction Alert

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