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Automated Audiometry for the Modern Clinic

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1.  Two types of TeleAudiology used today are:
  1. Live Video and Mobile Health
  2. Remote Patient Monitoring and Store and Forward
  3. Live Video and Store and Forward
  4. Remote Patient Monitoring and Mobile Health
2.  The following contributes to the lack of hearing healthcare access:
  1. People don’t know where to get their hearing tested.
  2. Audiology offices aren’t open at convenient times.
  3. Not enough audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals to meet the demand.
  4. If people would speak more clearly, there would not be an issue.
3.  GSI AMTAS is ______ method of TeleAudiology:
  1. Live Video
  2. Store and Forward
  3. Remote Patient Monitoring
  4. Mobile Health
4.  The Quality Indicator that displays the number of times the patient selected yes when there was no tone presented is:
  1. Predicted Average Absolute Difference
  2. False alarm
  3. Average Test Retest Difference
  4. QC Fail
5.  Why should audiologists trust the results of AMTAS automated audiometry?
  1. They should not trust automated audiometry.
  2. Automated audiometry is just a screening evaluation.
  3. 15+ years of validation studies and clinical studies confirm the effective and reliable results obtained using automated audiometry.
  4. It saves time and allows more patients to be seen.

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