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Exam Preview

Influence of Provider Interaction on Patient Readiness

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1.  Patient-centered care does not include the following characteristic:
  1. Meeting patient preferences, needs and values
  2. Patient values guide clinical decisions
  3. Patient reliance on a provider's unilateral treatment and management decisions
  4. Evidence-based management of chronic health conditions
2.  Which profession does not have a developed and ratified patient-centered care framework?
  1. Audiology
  2. Medicine
  3. Nursing
  4. Physical Therapy
3.  Which health behavior models lack the ability to predict changes in patient knowledge, attitudes, and behavior?
  1. Health Belief Model
  2. Theory of Planned Behavior
  3. Transtheoretical Model
  4. All of the above
4.  Which of the following statements will yield an action towards purchasing?
  1. Actual state is greater than desired state
  2. Actual state is equal to desired state
  3. Actual state is less than desired state
  4. None of the above
5.  In which professional setting was hearing aid adoption least affected by the provider?
  1. Consumer Electronics
  2. Medical
  3. Rehabilitative
  4. Hybrid Medical / Rehabilitative

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