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Exam Preview

Advances in Adaptive Features in Current Hearing Technology

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1.  Upon First Fit, Soundpro 2 should be set at:
  1. Natural Focus
  2. Speech Focus
  3. Lower settings for noise until the wearer adjusts to hearing aids.
  4. Balanced Focus
2.  The sound quality of a streaming signal in program 1, Automatic, may be modified in:
  1. Fine Tuning/Audio Streaming tab
  2. Fine Tuning/Loudness
  3. Basic Tuning
  4. Program Handling
3.  Which Music Enhancer program would be most beneficial in a movie theater setting?
  1. Listening with speakers
  2. Automatic
  3. Listening at a Live Venue
  4. Playing an Instrument
4.  Which of these programs uses Motion Sense?
  1. Reverb Reducer
  2. Music Enhancer
  3. Focus 360
  4. Automatic
5.  Which of these form factors features single mic directionality when used binaurally?
  1. M-Core R-Li
  2. M-Core SR
  3. M-Core R-312T
  4. M-Core iX

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