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Cochlear Case Studies: Pediatric Series #2 - Candidacy

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1.  Cochlear implantation is cleared by the FDA for children as young as:
  1. 24 months of age
  2. 12 months of age
  3. 9 months of age
  4. Any age
2.  If a young child with severe to profound hearing loss receives some benefit from hearing aids, it can be helpful to do which of the following to determine cochlear implant candidacy:
  1. Delay cochlear implantation for at least a year to see how the child will do
  2. Closely monitor progress on speech and language goals
  3. Ensure the Audiologist and Speech Pathologist see the child separately
  4. Look only at the audiogram and pure tone average
3.  When counseling families of young children about cochlear implantation, all of the following may be helpful except:
  1. Connecting a family’s goals for their child with what a cochlear implant will be able to provide
  2. Fully explaining what a child receives from hearing aids vs. what they will receive from a cochlear implant
  3. Discussing progress on speech and language milestones
  4. Not discussing assessment results with the parents until ready to move forward with implantation
4.  If a family is concerned their young child won’t be able to keep the device on full-time, which of the following accessories might be helpful to recommend?
  1. Hugfit or Snugfit
  2. Phone Clip
  3. Mini Microphone 2+
  4. Nothing since there is nothing that will help
5.  The mini microphone 2+ can be used with young children to:
  1. Increase wear time of the sound processor
  2. Bring the speaker’s voice closer to the child and improve hearing in background noise
  3. Monitor time in speech
  4. Ensure the sound processor remains connected to the implant at all times

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