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Exam Preview

Going Beyond Best Practices: Same-Day Custom Ear Molds

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1.  Same-day ear molds can provide several benefits to patients, including:
  1. Help patients hear better while they wait for new molds/ replacement molds
  2. Real Ear Measurement verification
  3. Helps with retention
  4. Can help with speech in noise testing
2.  Since same-day ear molds can be made quickly, they are sometimes referred to as:
  1. Rubbery molds
  2. Lab-made molds
  3. Instant molds
  4. Full shell molds
3.  Same-day ear molds can help some patients:
  1. With speech reading materials
  2. Learn how to clean and maintain their hearing aids
  3. Find their hearing aids if they lost them/ misplaced them
  4. Experience appropriately fit amplification while on a hearing aid trial
4.  Choose the correct order for 3D printing an ear mold in clinic:
  1. Ear Impression, 3D print, 3D scan, Fit
  2. Ear Impression, 3D Scan, 3D print, Fit
  3. 3D print, 3D scan, Ear impression, Fit
  4. 3D Scan, 3D print, Ear impression, Fit
5.  Different 3D scanners can be used for making same-day molds, including:
  1. Smart Phone 3D scanning apps that use your phone’s camera
  2. Mid-level, budget friendly scanners
  3. High end, precision scanners
  4. All of the above

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