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Exam Preview

Deafness with Autism: A School Age Communication Perspective

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1.  A thorough case history review:
  1. Is only necessary during the assessment.
  2. Is not necessary.
  3. Is necessary prior to assessment and should include a review of all medical history and educational history.
  4. Is easy to complete.
2.  Identifying strategies that the child uses to ________ communication will help determine goals for expressive language.
  1. avoid
  2. initiate
  3. participate in
  4. distract
3.  When evaluating a child with deafness and autism or suspected autism it is important to:
  1. use sign language
  2. cover your mouth when you speak
  3. assess intelligence levels
  4. assess what level of auditory skills exist
4.  An important component of setting up a successful therapy session includes:
  1. identifying and using child-specific motivators.
  2. giving stickers as rewards.
  3. using food as reinforcers.
  4. having fun games and activities.
5.  Strategies to develop auditory skills:
  1. require using a loud voice and slower speech
  2. include covering the mouth with your hand
  3. may require supports with visual, tactile, or augmented communication
  4. require a strict auditory-oral approach

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