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Deafness with Autism: A Music Therapy Perspective

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1.  Recent surveys have revealed that _____children with hearing loss also receive services for autism spectrum disorders (ASD):
  1. 1 in 40
  2. 1 in 59
  3. 1 in 88
  4. 1 in 150
2.  According to the NAC 2009 Standards Report, music therapy is:
  1. An established intervention
  2. An emerging intervention
  3. An unestablished intervention
  4. A promising intervention
3.  Several studies have demonstrated that Improvisational Music Therapy elicited significant gains in:
  1. Communication
  2. Stereotypic behaviors
  3. Social skills
  4. Gross motor skills
4.  A music intervention (s) that could best facilitate pre-verbal communication is:
  1. Improvisation on a drum
  2. Improvisation on a xylophone
  3. Listening to a CD
  4. Both A & B
5.  A music intervention that could best facilitate social skills development is:
  1. Singing nursery rhymes
  2. Singing name songs
  3. Playing instruments along with a CD
  4. Watching children’s YouTube videos

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