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Exam Preview

Bone Conduction Hearing Devices (BCHD): Clinical and Surgical Considerations in Pediatrics

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1.  Active transcutaneous solutions include which of the following?
  1. Bone Bridge and Osia
  2. Ponto and Osia
  3. Bone Bridge and Ponto
  4. All of the above
2.  A child can receive a percutaneous bone conduction implant at what age?
  1. 12 Months
  2. 5 Years
  3. 12 Years
  4. 2 Years
3.  What is the age that a child can receive a bone conduction device on a softband?
  1. 12 Months
  2. 5 Years
  3. 6 Months
  4. There is no minimum age requirement
4.  Which of the following is not an important bone conduction hearing device feature that should be considered for a child?
  1. Indicator Light
  2. Tamper resistant battery door
  3. Soft headband
  4. Telephone Accessory
5.  What is included in an evaluation of a Bone Conduction Hearing Device for a young child?
  1. Amplification options
  2. Remote microphone options
  3. Demo of bone conduction device
  4. All of the above

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