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Exam Preview

Vent Corrections for Simulated Real-Ear Measurements of Hearing Aid Fittings in the Test Box

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1.  The gold standard for hearing aid verification is:
  1. Aided sound field thresholds
  2. Aided word recognition scores
  3. Real ear measurement
  4. ANSI tests
2.  Simulated real ear measurement (S-REM) is a verification tool that can be used for:
  1. Pediatric hearing aid fittings
  2. Adult hearing aid fittings
  3. Pre-fitting a hearing aid
  4. All of the above
3.  Venting effects for open-fit hearing aids:
  1. Can help provide low frequency audibility.
  2. Can allow vent-transmitted sound to above 1000 Hz.
  3. Are often larger for domes than for earmolds.
  4. All of the above
4.  Large vents and open domes in hearing aids typically have which of the following acoustic paths?
  1. Into the ear, with unaided sound coming in through the vent.
  2. Out of the ear, with aided sound escaping through the vent.
  3. Into the ear, with aided sound coming in through the vent.
  4. Both A & B
5.  When using simulated real-ear measurement in Audioscan systems, the displayed targets will:
  1. Change as venting changes
  2. Stay the same as venting changes
  3. Change for the vent leakage path only.
  4. Change for the direct, vent-transmitted path only

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