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1.  A Roger system is made up of ______.
  1. A Roger microphone
  2. A hearing aid
  3. Roger receivers
  4. All of the above
2.  A study conducted by Linda Thibodeau has proven that, in noisy situations, patients using Roger have up to ___ better speech understanding than those with normal hearing.
  1. 10x
  2. 15x
  3. 5x
  4. 20x
3.  Which of the following is a NOT a Roger microphone?
  1. Table Mic 11
  2. Select
  3. Partner Mic
  4. Pen
4.  A Roger microphone can effectively improve hearing in which of these scenarios:
  1. Quiet one-to-one communication within 5 feet
  2. Underwater radio transmission
  3. A noisy restaurant
  4. None of these
5.  The myRoger app adjusts which of the following?
  1. Hearing aid noise reduction
  2. Microphone status
  3. MPO hearing aid settings
  4. None of these

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