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Exam Preview

Foundations of Bone Conduction: Fitting Baha Sound Processors

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1.  Each post-surgical activation should include:
  1. Inspection of the abutment site
  2. Performing a new audiogram
  3. The use of a Softband
  4. None of the above
2.  Possible Fitting Activities in the Baha Fitting Software include
  1. First fitting, follow-up connection, and upgrade
  2. First fitting, upgrade, and unilateral to bilateral
  3. First fitting, follow-up connection, upgrade, and unilateral to bilateral
  4. None of the above
3.  BC Direct is important to complete in the software because:
  1. Every implant is placed in a different part of the bone and this must be taken into account
  2. A recipient’s individual transcranial attenuation can contribute to the overall gain needed
  3. Bone quality can affect the amount of sound that is transmitted through the bone to the cochlea
  4. All of the above
4.  Fine Tuning can be used in the Baha Fitting Software to:
  1. Easily create a first fitting
  2. Provide full control of all gain and MPO adjustments in all 10 channels
  3. Suggest possible changes for common complaints
  4. Connect to the sound processor
5.  General tips to help troubleshoot patient complaints include:
  1. Hearing Mentor
  2. Repeat BC Direct
  3. Run the Feedback Analyzer
  4. Any of the above

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