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1.  The brain’s ability to suppress noise from spatially separated sources is otherwise known as which of the following?
  1. Binaural redundancy
  2. Head shadow effect
  3. Binaural loudness summation
  4. Binaural squelch
2.  The Sonic CROS/BiCROS hearing solution is compatible with which of the following devices?
  1. Radiant 100, Captivate 100
  2. Radiant 100 and 80 only
  3. Radiant 100, 80 and 60
  4. Radiant and Captivate 100, 80, and 60
3.  When fitting a CROS device, which of the following is TRUE regarding the RECEIVER?
  1. Microphone is active
  2. Push buttons are inactive
  3. Includes 2.4GHz BLE, therefore connects to app, RC-A, etc.
  4. NFMI is inactive
4.  Which of the following represents a Sonic BiCROS fitting?
  1. The microphones on the transmitter and receiver are both disabled.
  2. The microphones on the transmitter and receiver are both active.
  3. The microphone on the transmitter is active and the microphone on the receiver is disabled.
  4. The microphone on the transmitter is disabled and the microphone in the receiver is active.
5.  In the fitting software, which of the following options mutes the input from the CROS transmitter, making the hearing instrument on the receiving side function in the conventional manner?
  1. Option not available
  2. CROS
  3. BiCROS

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