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Grand Rounds: Clinical Remediation Using Simulation, presented in partnership with Pacific University

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1.  Use of a manikin to practice ear impression techniques is an example of a:
  1. Task trainer
  2. Standardized patient
  3. High-fidelity simulation
  4. Computer-based simulation
2.  Use of a computerized infant manikin to conduct ABR and OAE assessments is an example of a:
  1. Standardized patient
  2. Low-fidelity simulation
  3. High-fidelity simulation
  4. Virtual reality simulation
3.  Standardized patients are best described as:
  1. A volunteer test subject
  2. Actors trained to simulate or portray a patient’s condition
  3. A clinical patient scheduled to be seen by a student
  4. Low-fidelity task trainers
4.  An advantage of a student using a computer-based simulation to practice audiometry is:
  1. The program can be accessed from any computer
  2. The student can practice at their own pace and on their own schedule
  3. A clinical instructor or preceptor can assign cases and track student progress
  4. All of the above
5.  The purpose of the debriefing session following a simulation activity is:
  1. For the mentor to provide feedback to the student and for the student to self-assess their skills
  2. For the mentor to criticize the simulation technology
  3. For the student to criticize the simulation technology
  4. None of the above

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