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Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome: Clinical-Instrumental Aspects and Atypical Scenarios

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1.  Which of the following measures is/are crucial for SCD diagnosis?
  1. Lowered threshold of cervical VEMPs
  2. Mild-low frequency air-bone gap on audiometry with preserved acoustic reflexes
  3. Enhanced amplitudes of ocular VEMPs
  4. All of the above
2.  In the case of wide-sized SCD, which data represents the most likely detectable instrumental finding?
  1. Near-normal asymmetry ratio of air-conducted cervical VEMPs
  2. Reduced VOR gain value at the video-Head Impulse Test for the affected superior canal
  3. Reduced SP/AP ratio in electrocochleography test on the affected ear
  4. High-frequency sensorineural hearing loss on the affected side
3.  Which of the following symptoms is NOT consistent with the presence of a ‘third mobile window’ in the inner ear according to the Diagnostic criteria consensus document of the committee for the classification of vestibular disorders of the Bárány Society?
  1. Sound-induced vertigo and/or oscillopsia time-locked to the stimulus
  2. Pressure-induced vertigo and/or oscillopsia time-locked to the stimulus
  3. Aural fullness
  4. Pulsatile tinnitus
4.  How might endolymphatic hydrops be related to SCD in the same ear?
  1. Through a possible spontaneous “auto-plugging process” exerted by middle fossa dura on the affected canal
  2. Through vasopressine hypersecretion
  3. Through anatomical compression of the vestibular aqueduct
  4. Through an autoimmune process leading to inner ear fibrosis
5.  Which is the instrumental test that best separates ears with an anatomically intact superior canal from symptomatic ears with an extremely thin bony roof overlying the superior canal (near-dehiscence syndrome)?
  1. Cervical VEMPs
  2. Ocular VEMPs
  3. Electrocochleography
  4. Video-Head Impulse Test

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