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Exam Preview

Considerations in Treating Children with UHL/SSD

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1.  What treatment option has the potential to provide binaural hearing for children with SSD?
  1. CROS hearing aid
  2. Bone conduction implant
  3. Cochlear implant
  4. No intervention
2.  A primary benefit of a bone conduction implant for children with SSD is:
  1. Reduction of head shadow effect
  2. Binaural summation
  3. Localization
  4. Reduction of tinnitus
3.  Which is NOT a potential benefit of cochlear implant treatment for SSD?
  1. Improved localization
  2. Reduction in tinnitus
  3. Improved listening in quiet
  4. Improved hearing in noise
4.  Which etiology is a potential indication for a cochlear implant in a child with SSD?
  1. Atresia with an intact cochlea
  2. Middle ear malformation
  3. CMV
  4. Cochlear dysplasia
5.  Children with unilateral hearing loss typically do NOT have this educational challenge:
  1. Difficulty listening in a classroom
  2. Repeating a grade
  3. Fatigue due to increased listening effort
  4. Listening on the phone

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