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Exam Preview

Snapshot of the Impact of COVID-19 on People with Hearing Loss in Chicago, Illinois and Copenhagen, Denmark

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1.  Where were the greatest differences seen?
  1. USA compared to Denmark
  2. People aged 80 and over compared to under 80-year-olds
  3. Better hearing compared to worse hearing
  4. Pinguins compared to Australians
2.  Which group reported owning hearing aids in higher percentage?
  1. No one owned hearing aids
  2. People with worse hearing
  3. There were no differences
  4. People with better hearing
3.  Which group reported most relief at not having to attend social gatherings where they might not hear well?
  1. People 80 and over
  2. People under 80
  3. People with better hearing
  4. People with worse hearing
4.  Who reported less annoyance with masks and hearing aids?
  1. People in the USA
  2. People in Denmark
  3. People 80 years of age and older
  4. People under 80 years of age
5.  Who reported more masked conversations?
  1. People who were better hearing
  2. People who were worse hearing
  3. People in the USA
  4. People in Denmark

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