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Exam Preview

Wireless Connectivity for People with Hearing Loss, presented in partnership with Seminars in Hearing

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1.  The oldest wireless transmission protocol is:
  1. FM
  2. DM
  3. Electromagnetic Transmission
  4. Bluetooth
2.  Which of the following is a disadvantage of adding an FM receiver to a behind-the-ear hearing aid?
  1. Reduction in battery life
  2. Reduction in signal-to-noise ratio
  3. Loss of low-frequency energy
  4. Spillover
3.  The percentage of American adults owning a smartphone is estimated to be:
  1. 51%
  2. 61%
  3. 71%
  4. 81%
4.  Classroom instruction under COVID resulted in new situations that benefited from RM hearing assistance technology use; which situations benefited the most?
  1. Small group instruction, glare from windows
  2. Masks, noisy classrooms
  3. Social distancing, masks
  4. Announcements, computers
5.  What does the acronym “mHealth” stand for?
  1. Medicine and Health
  2. My Health
  3. Marketing in Healthcare
  4. Mobile Health
6.  Hearing aids can be directly connected to smart phones via:
  1. FM shoe
  2. Audio input cables
  3. Near field magnetic induction
  4. Bluetooth LE and DM
7.  The apps specific to hearing have been sorted into categories that include:
  1. Screening and assessment
  2. Intervention and rehabilitation
  3. Education and information
  4. All of the above
8.  RM systems for home use could be modified for:
  1. Parents to listen
  2. Connecting to computers
  3. Reducing background noise
  4. None of the above
9.  According to Valente and Amlani (2017), what percentage of adults with hearing loss adopt hearing aids in the United States of America?
  1. 8.5%
  2. 17%
  3. 34%
  4. 68%
10.  What is another term for “direct-to-consumer (DTC) amplification devices”?
  1. Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids
  2. Personal sound amplification products (PSAPs)
  3. Smartphone-connected hearing aids
  4. Programmable hearing aid smartphone applications

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