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Exam Preview

Infection Control and Prevention in Hearing Healthcare: Don't Wait for an Outbreak

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1.  What is the most common method of disease transmission and cross contamination?
  1. Vector transmission
  2. Contact transmission
  3. Airborne transmission
  4. Droplet transmission
2.  Handwashing must occur:
  1. Before and after each patient appointment
  2. When cleaning instruments
  3. After glove removal
  4. All of the above
3.  Universal Precautions are defined as:
  1. Guidelines issued by the CDC for minimizing cross-infection of bloodborne disease to healthcare
  2. Guidelines established by EPA to identify who should wear masks in the healthcare workplace
  3. Guidelines created by the FDA to manage vectorborne disease
  4. Guidelines established by OSHA to enforce federal standards for the medical workplace
4.  OSHA requires the categorization of employees on the basis of potential exposure to blood and other infectious substances. Which category includes audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, student interns and patient care coordinators?
  1. Category 1
  2. Category 2
  3. Category 3
  4. Category 4
5.  Contributing factors to the elderly being more prone to infection include:
  1. Anatomic changes
  2. Degree of exposure to infection
  3. Impaired immune function
  4. All of the above

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