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Vanderbilt Audiology Journal Club: Clinical Insights from Recent Hearing Aid Research

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1.  Which of the following best describes the method for studying hearing aid use by Saunders and colleagues (2021)?
  1. Lab-based study with subjective questionnaires of use.
  2. Crowd-sourcing study with targeted social media recruitment.
  3. Machine learning techniques of online consumer reviews.
  4. Retrospective analysis of battery orders in the Veteran’s Administration.
2.  According to Weycker and colleagues (2021), which of the following was associated with increased hearing aid adoption rates in adults with high-frequency hearing loss?
  1. Use of closed captions
  2. Being male
  3. Advanced age
  4. Needing glasses
3.  According to the systematic review of Davidson and colleagues (2021), which of the following is MOST related to the magnitude of hearing aid benefits?
  1. Age
  2. Degree of Hearing Loss
  3. Speech recognition in noise ability
  4. Subjective ratings of hearing
4.  Alicea and Doherty (2021) used which of the following measures to demonstrate that targeted reinstruction supported better hearing aid use?
  1. Practical Hearing Aid Skills Test–Revised (PHAST-R)
  2. Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB)
  3. Targeted Hearing Instrument Needs Knowledge (THINK)
  4. Hearing Aid Selection Profile (HASP)
5.  According to Plyler and colleagues (2021), even though outcomes are similar for different levels of technology:
  1. Patients believe they get a better value when buying cheaper instruments.
  2. Patients believe all hearing aids are too expensive.
  3. Patients who prefer “premium” devices have better outcomes on some measures for premium devices than basic devices.
  4. Patients who prefer basic devices have better outcomes on some measures for basic devices than premium devices.

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