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Rethinking the Financial Conversation

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1.  Joel mentions if a patient is not providing signals that they want to proceed to next steps, the specialist should continue talking about ____.
  1. The importance of hearing aids
  2. The patient's “pain points”
  3. Finance options
  4. New technology in hearing health
2.  According to Joel Parker, what is the focus when asking the patient about their “why”?
  1. Asking the patient why they hold stigma’s on hearing aids
  2. Asking the patient questions to get to know their personality more
  3. Asking the patient about their hearing health and what brought them in to your practice
  4. Asking the patient what concerns they have about hearing aids
3.  What is one way to identify signals that a patient wants to proceed to next steps?
  1. By asking the patient during the visit
  2. With a feedback form
  3. By observing the patient’s excitement about the benefits of the lifestyle they may have with a new product
  4. Asking for their budget
4.  According to Joel Parker, what is one-way practices can compete with big-box retailers?
  1. By using their practice advantage to personalize the patient experience and offer “referral-worthy care”
  2. Lower their prices
  3. Offering e-commerce options for their patients
  4. Running more extensive marketing campaigns
5.  What is one thing a practice’s staff can do to support a positive patient journey?
  1. Give away free things in the office
  2. Having a faster booking system
  3. Having more parking
  4. Focus on every interaction with the patient and bringing that awareness to a positive managed care

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