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What’s the Hype About Wideband Tympanometry?

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1.  226 Hz Probe tone is the standard in tympanometry because:
  1. That’s the only tone possible with the probe design.
  2. It produces the fastest and most reliable way to confirm normal.
  3. It provides insight to advanced middle ear issues.
  4. 1000 Hz is the standard probe tone used.
2.  Wideband Tympanometry in adults assesses the middle ear at a frequency range from:
  1. 200-2000 Hz
  2. 375-2000 Hz
  3. 125-8000 Hz
  4. 226-1000 Hz
3.  Wideband Tympanometry should be considered for the following patient population:
  1. Infants only
  2. Adolescents only
  3. Adults only
  4. Wideband Tympanometry is for every patient
4.  Wideband Tympanometry uses ________ probe tone to measure the initial tympanogram.
  1. 226 Hz
  2. 678 Hz
  3. 1000 Hz
  4. Click
5.  GSI TympStar Pro includes norms for Wideband Tympanometry for the following age groups of patients:
  1. Infants and adolescents
  2. Adolescents and adults
  3. Infants, youth, and adults
  4. There are no norms on the TympStar Pro

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