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Exam Preview

What's New in '22: Expanding Beltone Imagine

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1.  The Beltone Imagine BTEs can fit which range of hearing loss?
  1. Mild to moderate loss
  2. Minimal hearing loss
  3. Mild to severe loss
  4. Profound loss
2.  The LED light on the Beltone Imagine BTEs can do which of the following?
  1. Show charging status when in the charger
  2. Show manual control changes
  3. Indicate low battery
  4. All the above
3.  Which is NOT true of the new ear hook designed for the Beltone Imagine BTEs?
  1. Provides a more comfortable fit
  2. Is easy to attach and remove
  3. Optimizes directionality
  4. Is offered in 3 sizes
4.  Which charger will the Beltone Imagine BTEs use?
  1. Desktop charger
  2. Standard charger
  3. Premium charger
  4. All the above
5.  Which of the following streaming technologies are in our Beltone Imagine BTEs and RIEs?
  1. MFi
  2. Hands-free calls
  3. ASHA
  4. All the above

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