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Exam Preview

Widex AutoREM: Streamline Your MOMENT Fittings with Integrated Verification

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1.  What software program(s) do you need to verify minimum requirements to run Widex AutoREM?
  1. Widex Compass GPS only
  2. Otosuite only
  3. Widex Compass GPS and Otosuite only
  4. Widex Compass GPS, Otosuite and Noah
2.  Which of the following is NOT a benefit of integrated Widex AutoREM?
  1. Ensures the hearing aid fitting is appropriate for the hearing loss
  2. Ensures patient satisfaction of validation of listening experience
  3. Can assist in troubleshooting a fitting
  4. Guides fine tuning
3.  Which Widex hearing aids can be fit using the AutoREM feature?
  2. DREAM
  3. SENSO
4.  Which of the following statements is NOT consistent with proper probe tube placement for real ear measurements?
  1. Flat line response in the unaided response (REUG) measurement
  2. REUG response curve that has a resonant peak around 2700 Hz
  3. REUG response with no negative peak below 0 dB prior to 6 kHz
  4. REIG matches or is within 5dB of target
5.  Widex recommends completing verification in which of the following programs?
  1. PureSound
  2. Music
  3. Party
  4. Universal

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