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Exam Preview

Innovating Your Practice: Practice Management Software (PMS System)

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1.  Based on this podcast, why are PMS system integrations important for audiology practices?
  1. It can be a structured way to help a private practice achieve new heights in their business.
  2. It’s more difficult than paper and pen
  3. PMS systems are merely data entry portals
  4. It is not important to focus on PMS systems in your practice
2.  2.According to Eddie Ledford, what is one way he helps drive consistency across his staff when using a PMS system?
  1. Requiring certification classes
  2. Organizes daily meetings to discuss the system
  3. Leveraging his PMS partner to better utilize training materials to develop baseline expectations and knowledge
  4. Having the PMS partner do the data entry for him
3.  Based on this podcast, what is one investment that Eddie Ledford recommends to help provide a 360 view of your practice?
  1. A rolodex
  2. A patient management system (PMS)
  3. An in-office safety camera
  4. Comfortable waiting room furniture
4.  According to Eddie Ledford, how can a PMS system make the financial conversation easier?
  1. Using a financial platform integration to help alleviate patient uncertainty
  2. No index cards
  3. Developing a user protocol
  4. The PMS system talks to the patient directly
5.  Based on this podcast, how does he use his integrated PMS system as his mission control for his practice?
  1. He created a testing lab
  2. Identifying open appointment times across multiple locations.
  3. He only employs robots
  4. His PMS system is his gateway to the future

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