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1.  How many individual data points are considered with Biometric Calibration?
  1. Less than 10
  2. More than 1600
  3. Between 1000-1200
  4. 6
2.  Which feature allows your patients to hear soft voices in a quiet room, and may be helpful when communicating with those wearing a mask?
  1. SoftVoice
  2. Gain 65
  3. Feedback Overtuning
  4. Speech Enhancer
3.  AOV stands for:
  1. Acoustically Optimized Vent
  2. Audiometrically Open Vent
  3. Awesomely Obstructed Vagus
  4. Advanced Otometric Vent
4.  Autosense 4.0 is designed to balance which of these hearing aid features?
  1. Datalogging
  2. Physical Fit
  3. Inter device coordination
  4. Program and feature settings including Dynamic Noise Cancellation and Speech Enhancer
5.  Hands-free, Made-for-all technology, and RogerDirect are fully featured in which hearing aid?
  1. Virto P-Titanium
  2. Virto P 312
  3. Virto P NW O
  4. Virto M-Titanium

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