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Exam Preview

Ponto 5 Mini Advanced Fitting Techniques - Adult and Pediatric Populations

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1.  Running OpenSound Optimizer during a fitting provides how much additional stable gain throughout the day for patients?
  1. No additional gain is provided
  2. 6 dB
  3. 3 dB
  4. 2 dB
2.  What is the latest version of the Genie Medical BAHS software that a clinician must use in order to program the Ponto 5 Mini?
  1. Genie Medical BAHS 2019.1
  2. Genie Medical BAHS 2021.2
  3. Genie Medical BAHS 2020.1
  4. Genie Medical BAHS 2021.1
3.  What is the recommended directionality setting in the Ponto 5 Mini for a 7-year-old pediatric patient in Genie Medical BAHS?
  1. Open Automatic
  2. Full Directional
  3. Surround
  4. Tri-Mode
4.  Which tab in the fitting flow can I use to select the fitting formula I want to use for a patient in Genie Medical BAHS?
  1. The Fine-Tuning tab
  2. In the Feedback Analyzer tab
  3. In the Program Manager tab
  4. In the OpenSound Navigator tab
5.  My patient’s phone audio isn’t loud enough. Which portion of the “End Fitting” screen of the software will allow me to adjust the loudness of the phone audio for my patient?
  1. Buttons and indicators
  2. Save and Exit
  3. The “Phone” button under “Accessories”
  4. RemoteCare

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