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Exam Preview

The Expansion of the AX Portfolio

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1.  According to Hearing Tracker, 2 of the top 3 preferences revolve around:
  1. Hearing speech
  2. Hearing ambient sounds
  3. Wireless technology
  4. Telecoils
2.  What is the procedure for activating the HandsFree feature in existing AX fittings with iOS compatible devices?
  1. Hands free is only available for new AX orders
  2. Connect hearing aids to software and update the firmware
  3. iPhone 13 Pro is required
  4. Requires Streamline Microphone
3.  Which of the following hearing aids are now available on the AX portfolio?
  1. Pure 312 AX
  2. Pure Charge&Go AX
  3. Pure Charge&Go T AX
  4. All of the above
4.  Which of the following is true regarding Auto Echoshield?
  1. It is available in 7 AX performance level only
  2. It is automatic in the universal program
  3. Can address even low-level reverberations
  4. All of the above statements are true
5.  Which of the following is true regarding OVP 2.0?
  1. Harnesses split processing technology of AX
  2. No longer requires running a calibration during a new fitting
  3. It is only available in a 7 AX performance level
  4. It is only available in custom hearing aids

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