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Exam Preview

20Q: Newborn Hearing Screening Brochures - Changes are Needed

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1.  Which term used to describe newborn hearing screening results is the most likely to be confusing?
  1. Did not pass
  2. Refer
  3. Pass
  4. Fail
2.  What is a potential consequence of handing out newborn hearing screening brochures that are confusing?
  1. Families won’t follow-up on screenings where a newborn did not pass
  2. Families will demand hearing aids
  3. Babies will meet their developmental milestones
  4. Babies won’t sleep through the next screening
3.  Which of the following elements were deemed ‘unacceptable’ for most of the current state-level brochures?
  1. Use of the word ‘refer’
  2. Use of appropriate pictures
  3. Readability
  4. Font choice
4.  Which grade level is most appropriate to aim for when writing healthcare brochures, such as for newborn hearing screening?
  1. 1st (to ensure everyone can read it)
  2. 6th (to be readable by the average adult)
  3. 12th (to be readable by a high school graduate)
  4. 16th (to be readable by a college graduate)
5.  What type of information is LEAST likely to be included in a newborn hearing screening brochure?
  1. How newborn hearing is screened
  2. What happens after a baby does not pass a screening
  3. Available hearing aid features for babies
  4. Developmental milestones to follow

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