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Exam Preview

Considerations for Patients with Severe-to-Profound Hearing Loss

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1.  The primary goal of __________ for listeners with hearing loss is to restore audibility for speech and minimize the likelihood of loudness discomfort.
  1. T-coils
  2. Amplification
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Feedback Cancellation
2.  What type of hearing aid battery is still preferred by many power hearing aid users?
  1. Lithium Ion
  2. Nickel Cadmium
  3. Zinc Air
  4. Mercury
3.  What wireless technology is considered by many to be the original form of wireless?
  1. Bluetooth Classic
  2. Bluetooth Low Energy
  3. WiFi
  4. Telecoils
4.  What wireless technology is used by hearing aid manufacturers for connectivity between their hearing aids and their wireless accessories?
  1. Wifi
  2. Telecoils
  3. Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless protocols
  4. Microwaves
5.  Alarms, sound recognition, health monitoring and speech transcription are all examples of what?
  1. Tools available via mobile apps
  2. Features in most connected homes
  3. Body worn monitors
  4. Virtual reality tools

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