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Exam Preview

Expanding our Tailored Hearing Philosophy

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1.  Which RIE style has a T-coil?
  1. 64 with a 13 battery
  2. 63 with a 312 battery
  3. 63 rechargeable
  4. All the above
2.  Which is a benefit of using M&RIE?
  1. Naturally reduces wind noise
  2. Improved localization of sounds
  3. Effortless phone placement
  4. More natural listening experience
  5. All the above
3.  In our Tailored Hearing journey what additions were added?
  1. A weighted binaural beamformer
  2. A triple layer of MSG calibration
  3. Multi-split band directionality
  4. Both A and B
  5. Both A and C
4.  Which charger CANNOT be used for our RIEs?
  1. Premium
  2. Standard
  3. Desktop
  4. Custom
5.  Where have improvements been made in our Solus Max fitting software?
  1. Discovery process
  2. MSG Calibration
  3. Saving process
  4. Remote Care Live

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