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Consumer Factors that Influence Treatment Readiness: Addressing the Role of Stigma

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1.  The main topic covered in this podcast is
  1. Stigma
  2. Patient centered care
  3. Bias
  4. Health literacy
2.  The research outlined in this podcast was conducted by:
  1. University of Colorado - Boulder
  2. Auditory Insight, LLC
  3. MarkeTrak
  4. National Acoustic Laboratories
3.  Empowering patients to overcome stigma is based largely on
  1. Smoking cessation programs
  2. Dementia prevention programs
  3. Exercise programs
  4. Dietary wellness programs
4.  A result of lower cost OTC hearing aids is
  1. Stigma becoming more of a problem that needs to be addressed
  2. Clinical biases getting in the way of patient care
  3. Patients will no longer see the value of professional services
  4. Health literacy improves for those who are educated.
5.  Empowering patients to overcome stigma includes:
  1. Providing a clear understanding of their hearing loss
  2. Providing factual information and positive reinforcement
  3. Providing of OTC hearing aids
  4. Free batteries and cleaning kit with all device purchases

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