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Promoting the Audiology-Based Medical Management of Chronic Diseases

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1.  What is the main topic covered in this podcast?
  1. Audiology-based medical management of chronic disease
  2. Tinnitus
  3. Hearing aids
  4. Health literacy
2.  What is the organization that has created marketing tools and advocates for early screening of hearing loss in adults with chronic diseases?
  1. Hearing Loss Association of America
  2. The Audiology Project
  3. The Audiology Connection
  4. National Acoustic Laboratories
3.  What is an example of early intervention described in this podcast?
  1. Probe mic measures
  2. Case history
  3. Hearing screening
  4. Appointment with primary care physician
4.  Early detection of hearing impairment in type 2 diabetic patients is done with which of the following?
  1. DPOAEs and UHF audiometry
  2. ABR and OAEs
  3. Standard speech audiometry
  4. Speech in noise testing
5.  Since hearing loss is connected to several chronic diseases, which of the following is the most accurate statement?
  1. Patients must obtain medical clearance prior to using hearing aids
  2. Audiologists must oppose OTC hearing aids
  3. Audiologists should refer all patients to a physician prior to any routine assessment
  4. Audiologists must view the patient in a holistic manner

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