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Exam Preview

Interprofessional Practice to Holistically Treat APD: An Evidenced-based Approach

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1.  What is a treatment method in the ‘audiology alone’ approach?
  1. Low gain hearing aids
  2. Assistive devices (amplified phones, hearing aid accessories, FM systems, TV streamers, etc.)
  3. LACE aural rehab
  4. All of the above
2.  What was found when developing the LACE approach?
  1. It was successful
  2. There was poor compliance
  3. It mitigated some sequalae of APD
  4. It has been modified
3.  What is multidisciplinary practice?
  1. Multidisciplinary practice draws on knowledge from different disciplines but stays within their boundaries
  2. Multidisciplinary practice stays in a discipline’s lane
  3. Multidisciplinary practice integrates knowledge from other disciplines
  4. Multidisciplinary practice falls short of holistic practice
4.  What are co-morbidities with APD?
  1. Depression
  2. PTSD
  3. Cognitive complaints
  4. All of the above
5.  What are some disciplines that can be helpful in treating APD?
  1. Speech-Language Pathology
  2. Psychology
  3. Physical Therapy
  4. All of the above

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