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Exam Preview

Oticon Medical Introduces Softband 5: Design, Use, and Pediatric Considerations

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1.  What options does the Softband 5 come in?
  1. Only 8 different colors, otherwise no options
  2. In two different lengths, in unilateral and bilateral, and in 8 colors
  3. Only in unilateral version, but with 16 colors
  4. Only in two different lengths, otherwise no options
2.  What patient group(s) is/are the most common users of Softband 5?
  1. Elderly patients
  2. Teenagers
  3. Hearing aid users
  4. Pre-operative trial patients and pediatric patients
3.  Why is it particularly important to consider the feedback performance of sound processors used on softband?
  1. Because the skin dampens vibrations, more gain is needed when using a softband compared to an implant
  2. It is not more important
  3. Because the skin causes feedback
  4. Because the sound processor functions completely differently on a softband
4.  What aspects are linked to each other?
  1. Audibility and maximum force output of a device
  2. Audibility and maximum gain available in a device
  3. Distortion/bad sound quality and technical maximal gain of a device
  4. Distortion/bad sound quality and softband size
5.  What does the replaceable Connector Pad help with?
  1. It removes hair under the softband
  2. It is the only way the softband is allowed to touch the skin
  3. It disperses the pressure over a larger area
  4. It prevents the sound processor from falling off the softband

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