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Adding CAPD Testing to Audiology Clinical Services in DOD and VA

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1.  Two tests used for assessing temporal processing ability are:
  1. Dichotic digits test and Competing Words
  2. Competing Sentences and the Staggered Spondaic Word Test
  3. Masking Level Difference for 500Hz and Gaps in Noise Test
  4. Compressed Nu6’s with 0.3ms reverberation and QuickSIN
2.  A primary benefit to the patient by offering CAPD assessment in the clinic:
  1. Obtaining family cooperation for their auditory difficulties
  2. Possible validation of their reported auditory difficulties
  3. Increased clinic productivity ratings
  4. Knowing their pure tone thresholds are normal
3.  According to the American Academy of Audiology’s 2010 practice guideline for CAPD, criteria are met for a diagnosis of CAPD if:
  1. any two subtest scores are at least 2 standard deviations below the mean
  2. any one subtest score is at least 1 standard deviation below the mean
  3. three subtest scores are at least 1 standard deviation below the mean
  4. two subtest scores are 3 standard deviations below the mean
4.  What are two things mentors should provide to mentees as they learn CAPD testing?
  1. Longer appointment times, and flexible clinic hours
  2. Copies of any copyrighted audio discs, and copyrighted answer sheets
  3. Regular contact with mentor by phone or email, and location of test normative data appropriate for Service members and Veterans.
  4. Written assessment of their test administration deficiencies, and no information about how to report test results
5.  What are two professions that can help assess any verbal memory or auditory attention deficits in patients referred to audiology?
  1. Primary care and radiology
  2. Neuropsychology and speech-language pathology
  3. Physical therapy and MRI staff
  4. Prosthetics and community living specialist

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