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Exam Preview

Anatomy Based CI Fitting: Matching the Natural Ear Like Never Before

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1.  What is the goal of anatomy-based fitting?
  1. Determine the root cause of the hearing loss
  2. Program the cochlear implant at the time of surgery
  3. Identify where each electrode contact is in the cochlea post-operatively
  4. How to do cochlear implant surgery
2.  Recent research suggests the optimal angular insertion depth of an electrode array into the cochlea reaches:
  1. 225 degrees
  2. 360 degrees
  3. 500 degrees
  4. 600 degrees
3.  Large spectral mismatch between cochlear implant electrode array length and cochlear duct length typically results in which of the following?
  1. Improvements in musical appreciation
  2. Perceptions of high-pitched or cartoon-like sound quality
  3. Poor loudness growth
  4. Poor localization
4.  What are the three components of sound?
  1. Musicality, Loudness, and Localization
  2. Loudness, Timing, and Pitch
  3. Timing, Temporal Cues, and Localization
  4. Quality, Loudness, and Tones
5.  To apply Anatomy-Based Fitting in the MAESTRO fitting software, you need to import which type of file from OTOPLAN?
  1. PDF
  2. JPEG
  3. MPD
  4. XML

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