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Exam Preview

Trauma Informed Care: Unseen Barriers for Understanding Equity in Audiology Access

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1.  Which statement about adverse childhood experiences (ACES) is NOT true?
  1. ACES are preventable
  2. ACES are linked to chronic health problems
  3. ACES are rare
  4. ACES are costly
2.  What does the Trauma LENS acronym stand for?
  1. Look - Examine - Needs - Support
  2. Look - Explore - Needs - Support
  3. Listen - Examine - Needs - Support
  4. Listen - Explore - Needs - Support
3.  The trauma-informed care approach:
  1. Incorporates 3 main principles
  2. Leads to re-traumatization
  3. Only integrates knowledge about trauma into policies
  4. Recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in patients, families, and staff
4.  What does equity mean?
  1. Sameness
  2. Fairness by giving everyone the same thing
  3. Making sure people get access to the same opportunities
  4. The same as equality
5.  Which statement about unconscious bias is true?
  1. It can lead to false assumptions
  2. It does not impact everyone
  3. It is different from implicit bias
  4. It develops in isolation

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