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Exam Preview

Unlock the Potential: Widex Sound Assist

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1.  What three settings are available on Sound Assist to support the six functions?
  1. Soft, Medium, Loud
  2. Mic, Bluetooth, T-Coil
  3. Slow, fast, super-fast
  4. Mic, Mute, Pause streaming
2.  Sound Assist is paired to one set of hearing aids but how many Bluetooth devices and Sound Assist be paired to?
  1. 8
  2. 4
  3. 1
  4. 3
3.  Which Sound Assist function(s) could make hearing live conversation at a distance easier for the user?
  1. Remote Control
  2. Bluetooth streaming from a computer
  3. Table Mic, Partner Mic and T-Coil
  4. Hands-Free Calling
4.  Which Sound Assist function would allow streaming audio from a Zoom meeting?
  1. Remote Control
  2. Bluetooth Streaming from a Computer or SmartPhone
  3. Table Mic
  4. Partner Mic
5.  A full charge will provide how many hours of Sound Assist use (depending on function)?
  1. Up to 5 hours
  2. Up to 10 hours
  3. Up to 8 hours
  4. Up to 4 hours

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