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Exam Preview

Genesis AI with Neuro Sound Technology

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1.  Starkey’s Neuro Processor has how many more transistors than the previous platform?
  1. 600%
  2. 400%
  3. 200%
  4. 100%
2.  Genesis AI custom devices are available in what styles?
  1. ITE only
  2. ITE/HS/ITC only
  3. CIC only
  4. Wireless ITE/HS/ITC and Non-wireless CIC/IIC
3.  The Pro Fit fitting software has an intuitive fitting session path; what are the easily-followed session categories?
  1. Start/Next/Final
  2. Preparation/Fitting/Follow-up
  3. Now/Later
  4. Hello/Goodbye
4.  Starkey’s most advanced compression architecture is called what?
  1. Edge compression
  2. Additive Compressor
  3. Plus compression
  4. Linear
5.  For the Genesis AI 24/20 technology levels, in the My Starkey App, what options are available to the patient to focus on listener intent when engaging Edge Mode+?
  1. Best Sound only
  2. Enhanced Speech only
  3. Reduce Noise only
  4. Best Sound, Enhance Speech and Reduce Noise options

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